What Does Wearing A Butt Plug Feel Like?

Butt Plugs Beads online sc146109If you have never experienced using or wearing a butt plug you may wonder what all the fuss is about.

Why does it feel so good to have something up your rear end and what exactly does the sensation feel like?

A Butt Plug To Enhance Play

Butt plugs are popular to use to enhance sex play for both women and men. The anus is an area containing the powerful sphincter muscles and is also rich is sensitive nerve endings.

The pleasurable sensations many people experience when using a butt plug are varied. Firstly there is the process of inserting the butt plug. When a butt plug is inserted into the anal opening the muscles stretch to accommodate it. Gentle stretching of the anal sphincter muscles can be extremely pleasurable.

You need to make sure that you go slowly, use plenty of lubricant and give the anal muscles time to ‘warm up’ so you can allow them to relax and stretch. Using a butt plug that is sculptured is a rippled shape can enhance the sensation of insertion, as it causes the sphincter muscles to stretch and relax, stretch and relax until the butt plug is fully inserted.

Secondly once the butt plug is inserted into the rectum it provides a full sensation. When your body feels this it often automatically wants to push the butt plug out and you need to put conscious thought into relaxing the muscles so it stays inside the rectum. This sensation can be one of extreme pleasure along with anticipation. This full sensation also puts pressure on the sensitive nerve endings inside the rectum, and is therefore stimulating.

For women having a butt plug inserted into the rectum can in turn stimulate the ‘inner clitoris’ and also the g-spot. In fact some women need to be stimulated anally in order to orgasm. For men if the butt plug is shaped with a hooked end or curve for stimulating the prostate, the male p-spot can be stimulated.

Sexual Stimulation And A Butt Plug

When a butt plug is worn in conjunction with other forms of sexual stimulation it can add a whole new dimension to that form of stimulation. Many men enjoy wearing a butt plug during masturbation, or when they are receiving fellatio (a blowjob) and hand job. It can also feel amazing for men to wear a butt plug when giving penetrative pleasure.

For women it can be very stimulating to wear a butt plug during intercourse, or when receiving oral stimulation. Many women also enjoy wearing a butt plug when the are pleasuring their partner with a strap-on dildo and harness.

A butt plug can also be worn as part of other activities, not during sex play. Many people find having the full sensation of wearing a butt plug very pleasurable and choose to wear one around during the day (or night).

Removing a butt plug can feel sensational also and many people enjoy this sensation at the point of orgasm. This is due to the contracting of the pelvic floor muscles that circle around the anal opening.

Removing a rippled butt plug in particular during orgasm can enhance the contraction of the muscles and intensify orgasmic sensation. Anal beads can also be used to achieve a similar sensation. For many people wearing a but tplug feels incredible and greatly enhances sexual sensation.