Choosing the Ideal Butt Plug for You

butt-plugIf you are ready for some anal play and for enjoying even greater pleasure, you can readily focus on selecting the perfect butt plug for you.

The sky is the limit when it comes to buying such a sex toy as there are numerous models in different shapes and sizes.

They are made from different materials and come with additional features which provide greater safety and pleasure.

Consider the available options and some practical advice on how to make the best choice.

Butt Plug: Size and Shape

There are small and very discreet models which are great for those who are just beginning to explore anal sex. From then on, you can experiment with sex toys of different length and girth.

You can go for a long and curved flexible butt plug especially designed to stimulate the sigmoid colon.

The choice of shapes is virtually endless. The cone shaped butt plug with a thin tip is a true classic. It comes in a wide variety of sizes. The models with bulbs are particularly popular as well.

The penetration of each bulb gives you incredible pleasure. The anal beads are also fun sex toys which fall in this category.

There are curved butt plugs especially designed to provide massaging of the prostate gland in men. This gives the user incredible pleasure during intercourse.

Butt Plug: Make, Features and Functions

The main materials used for making butt plugs include latex and silicone. Metal is becoming more widely used.

You can go for a stainless steel or silver butt plug which may be referred to as but jewel. There are also durable and reliable glass models but their use is not as extensive.

Silicone is considered to be the best material for adult toys. It is highly hygienic and durable. The silicone butt plug will be easy to clean and to maintain.

Besides, silicon is very smooth and not too firm so you will certainly enjoy the penetration with the toy even if you are new to anal play.

The main feature to consider when choosing a butt plug is the base. It is essential for the base to be wide enough to prevent the whole toy from going inside the rectum.

Many users choose to go for a model with a flared base so that the risk of this happening is reduced to the very possible minimum.

Consider a butt plug with a special function for even greater pleasure. There are vibrating models as well as prostate massaging ones. There are even anal sex toys which provide electro-stimulation.

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